RTI is your fundamental right to get information held by public authorities.

Public Authorities have a lot of information that is held in trust for the citizens of the country. As citizens, you now have a fundamental right to access this information. The Right to Information Act No. 12 of 2016, passed on 4th August 2016, sets out the process that citizens can use to access information. It’s is a simple process of lodging a request at the relevant Public Authority. With the normal process, you should get the information within a maximum of 28 days (if the information is a lot, or has to be obtained from a different location, it can take upto 21 days more). See more on that here.
The information you ask for doesn’t have to be related to you personally. You can ask for any other public information. It is a right as well as a responsibility, on your part. Through RTI, you can participate in governance, by asking for information for yourself as well as in the public interest, for your neighbourhood, community, or country.