A RTI request filed on facilitating RTIs – another success in Vavuniya 

TISL made an Information Request from the Vavuniya Divisional Secretariat to obtain information about the lack of updates to the Secretariat’s website and regarding their internet speed. The site in question had not been updated since 2015. Information was also requested about the steps the Divisional Secretariat had taken to help and facilitate members of the public who submit RTI Forms.

TISL was successful in receiving the information requested. In order to provide TISL with the information requested, the Divisional Secretariat updated their website in June 2018. Furthermore, an information board was displayed in front of the Secretariat Office, containing details about the information officer of the Divisional Secretariat. This has enabled easy access to the RTI Unit of the Secretariat for members of the public, and sets a good precedent for proactive disclosure, as well.

The picture depicts the website last updated on the 18th December 2014 and the update after the RTI (19th June 2018).


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