What has the RTI Commission ordered on common issues people have asked about?

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Public Authorities have a lot of information that is held in trust for the citizens of the country. As citizens, you now have a fundamental right to access this information. The Right to Information Act No. 12 of 2016, passed on 4th August 2016, sets out the process that citizens can use to access information. It’s is a simple process of lodging a request at the relevant Public Authority. With the normal process, you should get the information within a maximum of 28 days (if the information is a lot, or has to be obtained from a different location, it can take upto 21 days more). See more on that here.



The first Sri Lankan film on the Right to Information showing how RTI is used through the narrative of three citizens. It will only take 30 minutes to watch this short film.


The issue was regarding the development and reconstruction of the Galpoththagoda road. In this case, although there was a delay in the payment of the requisite fee for obtaining the information (Rs. 28.00), the information was given to the requestor even without the due payment.   image: not related to the story

Justice long delayed

Miss. T. Eliiaracy of Station Road, Kondavil appeared for the recruitment of Tamil Typist – Grade III which was an Open Competitive Examination held by the Court Management Service. One of the area’s that was examined was the typing of Tamil using the Computer. As she was in the process of this, the computer stopped
In the Nanattan DS Division in Mannar, a RTI was filed by a citizen through TISL, requesting information about the powers and steps that can be taken by the DS office in a situation where land is illegally acquired by a private party. This was because the DS office had not formerly taken action on
Priya Paulraj, the RTI Programme Officer at TISL was informed by a group of villagers in Trincomalee that a certain public official in the Sambukalai village was inhabiting a house in a housing scheme that was meant to be given to low-income earning beneficiaries. She filed an RTI making inquiries about this issue, requesting details on the development programs initiated by


20RTIs facilitated

Another meeting was held at Point Pedro on 8th July, with more than 20RTIs facilitated, for WDS members.
RTI village meeting held at Meesalai East on 8th July. More than 15 RTIs facilitated.

Village RTI meeting

Village RTI meeting in Vadaliyadaippu, Jaffna, on 7th July. 10 RTIs facilitated including one group RTI.
Renovation work of the Vairavar Kovil road in the 2nd cross street of Vavuniya commenced in October 2017. It is nearly 200 meters and comes under the purview of the Vavuniya Urban Council. The contractor who won the bid did not continue the work. The work was merely commenced, and no progress was made thereafter.


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